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The Impact Sessions 40 - Positivity in a Pandemic

The Impact Sessions 40 - Positivity in a Pandemic

February 15, 2021

This is a powerful, positive, upbeat Impact Sessions Podcast Episode featuring the excellent returning guest, Lorna Feeney - See Episode 21.

Lorna's previous episode is our most popular in the series to date, so we are looking for more of the same in terms of her popularity.

The pandemic is having a host of negative and potentially negative effects on people and businesses, but there is a lot of stuff going on that is much more positive, if you know where to look, what the signs are, or if you are prepared to think and act a little differently......

Lorna is a fantastic Mental Health Professional and on this episode, we have deliberately looked at some of those positive pandemic actions, activities and outcomes that are about positivity and pleasure - some of which will stay with us long after we return to some semblance of "normality".

A really upbeat discussion to hopefully inspire those that watch or listen to look for the little wins, find the things that you enjoy, embrace the "new normal" where it helps and to share with business owners and managers a few ideas to plan for a return to "normal" working at some stage.

Deliberately positive, (let others wallow in negativity), we hope that you enjoy this session and that it will make you think, make you smile, make you find a laugh or two and maybe even make you sing or dance. (As long as it doesn't inspire you to make the ubiquitous banana bread, we are all surely okay with that).

Lorna really is an inspiration - we are sure you will agree, but feedback, as always will be most welcome.

The link to the two comedy clips mentioned in the episode are here;

Peter Sellars -

Only Fools & Horses -


Contact Details

Lorna Feeney Head of Mental Health Risk at Marsh Advisory & Marsh McLennan Companies

Email –

Web –

LinkedIn - 

The Impact Sessions 39 - A Genuine Ambition to Improve NHS Performance

The Impact Sessions 39 - A Genuine Ambition to Improve NHS Performance

February 11, 2021

Meet a Special Podcast Guest with a very special ambition, an ambition already shaping NHS improvement on a small scale, but with the real potential to make a significant difference into a much more efficient future.

The ambition to "Genuinely Improve NHS Performance" was borne out of adversity but shaped the focus and direction of this impressive individual who is as resilient and creative as they come.

My Guest is Fenwick Smith, Chief Executive of FloKi Health.

Creating performance efficiencies and improvements in tracking and tracing equipment, reducing hours spent by front-line clinical staff looking for medical devices and improving both the maintenance and procurement decision making of the Trusts he is already working with - he has achieved such a lot in a relatively short space of time and he is just getting started.

Fenwick is a truly inspirational Entrepreneur and well worth a listen or watch!

If you know anyone working in the NHS or you are just interested in how a life-changing incident can shape an ambition, then please listen, watch, share or shout from the rooftops.

- Ideas Generation

- Solution / Product Scoping & Development

- Testing

- Innovating

- Improving


All covered, and more in this truly inspiring episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast.

Enjoy - Feedback as always is most welcome.......

Contact Details

Fenwick Smith

Chief Executive

FloKi Health

Tel - +44 (0) 7712 657170

Email -

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The Impact Sessions 38 - Heavy Industry in the North - How Is 2021 Looking?

The Impact Sessions 38 - Heavy Industry in the North - How Is 2021 Looking?

February 8, 2021

Another great episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast, meeting the irrepressible Amanda Gardiner, Managing Director of Durham Lifting, a long-established, family lifting business embedded in the industrial heartland of the North East of England.

Amanda has seen her business develop and evolve over 25 years, as heavy industry has changed like the waxing and waning of the tide in the River Tees Estuary - an area that looms large in the view from their base in a historic Test House in the heart of Middlesbrough's traditional heavy industry area.

Shipbuilding has largely gone, overseas, cheaper options have eaten away at some areas of UK manufacturing, oil & gas ebbs and flows but the likes of the development of some strategic Ports, the emergence of the whole offshore renewable energy sector and a constant drive to innovate have made Durham Lifting a continuing success story worthy of a watch or listen.

Then there are their bright pink lifting beams range and a ghost story to consider too.......

Amanda is a really engaging guest and spreads a lot of optimism about the state of, and future for not only her business but the Heavy Industry sector, especially in the North of England.

So, sit back, have a watch or listen and see how a female Managing Director in a massively male-dominated sector gets her hands dirty and really makes a difference day-to-day.

Enjoy - and as always, feedback is most welcome.

Contact Details

Amanda Gardiner, Managing Director, Durham Lifting

Tel - +44 (0) 1642 240672

Mob - +44 (0) 7808 896480

Email -

Web -

LinkedIn - 

The Impact Sessions 37 - Inspiring People Across the World - Quite the Ambition

The Impact Sessions 37 - Inspiring People Across the World - Quite the Ambition

February 1, 2021

This week's guest is Steve Twynham who describes himself variously as - Founder / Managing Director of Inspire Radio, Presenter, Podcaster, Inspirational Coach & Connector.

He has some sized business card......

All of the roles are actually inter-twined in how Steve works, how he connects people and how he uses the power of his own Podcasts and the 2020 launched Inspire Radio in particular to reach out to a global audience with high-quality, inspiring content.

Inspire Radio is aptly named and had a very distinct and different DNA and value set. Have a listen or a watch to see how Steve manages to schedule great Presenters, great Guests, and great music to meet the mood of the audience(s) around the world.

Could you be involved, could you inspire, could you become an Inspire Radio Guest, listener, supporter, friend or sponsor?

A great episode and one that shows how a man with a genuine heart and passion can really make a difference. Steve really is "inspiring people across the world" and he hasn't stopped yet.

Contact Details

Steve Twynham

Tel +44 (0) 7833 627866

Email -

Inspire Radio -

LinkedIn -

The Impact Sessions 36 - A Genuine Passion for UK Manufacturing

The Impact Sessions 36 - A Genuine Passion for UK Manufacturing

January 25, 2021

This week’s guest on The Impact Sessions Podcast is as passionate as they come about a subject close to her heart....

It is Tracey Dawson, Managing Director of Daletech Electronics in Leeds and her passion is for manufacturing, particularly UK manufacturing.

In addition to her role at Daletech, a business she has been involved in for over 25 years, Tracey is also Chair of Leeds Manufacturing Alliance and a Member of Make UK & RAB.

In this episode, she discussed the impact of the global pandemic on her business as well as the wider UK manufacturing economy. What the future may hold and how to maintain manufacturing confidence and she also shares her passion for investing in skills through valuable Apprenticeships and how everyone from the Government to those in the education sector should be much more focused and supportive towards this route for many more young people.

As a Titan of the West Yorkshire Manufacturing sector, this is an insightful, engaging and passionate episode not to be missed.

Feedback welcome - enjoy.

Contact Details

Tracey Dawson, Managing Director

Daletech Electronics Ltd

Tel - +44 (0) 113 239 4220

Email -

Web -

LinkedIn -

The Impact Sessions 35 - Why The Pandemic Has Really Focused Businesses on Their Customers

The Impact Sessions 35 - Why The Pandemic Has Really Focused Businesses on Their Customers

January 19, 2021

A First for The Impact Sessions Podcast - a Returning Guest......

On this episode, the excellent Marianne Smith, Managing Director of Doo Marketing and one of the UK's leading Practitioners around the whole Customer Journey & Customer Experience returns to share some of her successes from a challenging 2020 for many.

Marianne was actually the very first guest on Episode 1 in October 2019, but she is in such top form, at the top of her game that we simply had to have her back.  She is now more relevant than ever in the on-going pandemic.

She shares why putting the customer at the heart of your marketing and sales focus will create opportunities and build both a new customer funnel as well as a band of loyal, repeating customers who become strong advocates for your business and brand, whatever the challenges around you.

Marianne also shares a Case Study or two about the impact of her work and why every business needs to think customer first, not just lip service, but actual actions!

A cracking and valuable listen or watch from a superb, engaging guest. Enjoy.

Contact Details

Marianne Smith Managing Director, Doo Marketing

Tel - +44 (0) 7414 821546

Email -

Web -

LinkedIn -

The Impact Sessions 34 - 20 Years as a Guardian of a British Icon & Brand

The Impact Sessions 34 - 20 Years as a Guardian of a British Icon & Brand

January 11, 2021

This week's Podcast Guest, Charles Fawcett fell in love with a British Icon as a child and followed his dream of building a career and a very successful global business on the back of that love.

There were a couple of audio glitches in here but nothing to reduce the impact of the session we hope.

What is the icon and brand and the object of his love - The Land Rover Defender.......

Setting up Twisted Automotive in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, originally as a part-time venture offering tune-ups and engine tweaks, Charles quickly grew the business to help his Defender-owning customers to create the best Land Rover Defender that they could have.

Engines, suspension, after-market parts, there really is no limit to the improvements you can make to this iconic British beauty, (originally conceived as a workhorse farming vehicle), and no limit to the budget some will spend on these improvements.

Innovation, creativity and the customer experience all drive the on-going success of the Twisted Automotive brand which also took on the might of Jaguar Land Rover in a court battle over IP (and won).  A great story of David beating Goliath.

Charles is a passionate and successful Entrepreneur who left school with little by way of formal qualifications, but through specialising in a brand, focusing on innovation and through sheer hard work and determination, now operates a business that is recognised the world over as THE place to go if you own a Land Rover Defender and want to make it the very best it can be.

The next chapter is just around the corner too....

An inspiring Podcast episode with a highly engaging guest.  Hope you enjoy.

Podcast Guest – Charles Fawcett Founder & CEO of Twisted Automotive

PR Company – Faith PR

Tel - +44 (0) 1484 599886 

E –

Web –

The Impact Sessions 33 - How Is The Current University Experience Preparing Students for the Future

The Impact Sessions 33 - How Is The Current University Experience Preparing Students for the Future

January 5, 2021

On this episode, regular Host, Nick Bramley interviews a 2nd Year University Under-Graduate Psychology Student about the whole University experience under COVID19 restrictions and whether this experience is helping students to prepare for the future?

She just happens to be his daughter, Charlotte.....

How has the University experience been?

Will the pandemic restrict student skills and confidence development and what are the implications for future employment?

What do you have to do to cope with Zoom lectures and little or no face-to-face engagement?

What advice would she offer potential students and parents of students considering September 2021 as a University entrant?

Charlotte also rights a few misconceptions about her passion - psychology and how this particular degree creates some of the widest transferable and employability skills that any employer should be aware of.

If you employ graduates, if you are a parent of a potential University student, or you just want an honest insight into University life in a pandemic, then give this a watch or listen.

The Impact Sessions 32 - The Global Success Story of a UK Manufacturer & Brand

The Impact Sessions 32 - The Global Success Story of a UK Manufacturer & Brand

January 5, 2021

On this excellent episode of The Impact Sessions, we are delighted to welcome Chris Black, Managing Director of Sound Leisure.

Discussing The Global Success Story of a UK Manufacturer & Brand, Chris runs a Leeds based manufacturing business, renowned for the design and manufacture of high-quality Jukeboxes, plus a range of other craftsman-led leisure products that have literally taken the world by storm.

From a small family-business in the late 1970's to a global brand selling into over 25 countries, Chris has taken his father's business to new markets, whilst building a brand that is known for quality, innovation and customer excellence.

Quite a journey and quite a story too........

How has a global pandemic affected Sound Leisure?

How has innovation been a a cornerstone of their success?

What's next for Sound Leisure?

This and more are discussed in this really engaging episode with a Titan of the West Yorkshire Manufacturing & Export fraternity.


Contact Details

Chris Black, Managing Director

Sound Leisure

Tel +44 (0) 113 232 1700

Email -

Web - 

The Impact Sessions 31 - Hospitality & Food Businesses, Here’s to a Better 2021

The Impact Sessions 31 - Hospitality & Food Businesses, Here’s to a Better 2021

December 22, 2020

On this episode, we meet Paula Kaye. Paula is a Hospitality & Food Specialist and Founder of Boost Consultancy.

She launched a business in support of the Hospitality Sector just after lockdown in March 2020 and has brought her years of front line sales, customer service and operational experience to the fore, working with the sector to share ideas for being resilient, agile and most importantly, still here in 2021.

Putting the customer at the heart of the experience, following 7 steps to make the experience excellent and also looking for agility and areas to pivot into - all are covered in a really practical, engaging and helpful interview.

The lessons learned in genuinely tough, challenging and uncertain times are very transferable to other sectors, so give it a listen or watch and be prepared to be inspired.

Paula believes that the Hospitality & Food sectors will survive into a brighter future than 2020 provided and that 2021 will see us all being more supportive of our local hospitality and food sectors and where local food producers will thrive.

A really timely and interesting pre-Christmas Impact Sessions Podcast episode.

Hope you enjoy it, whatever the sector you are in.

Contact Details

Paula Kaye Founder of Boost Consultancy

Tel - +44 (0) 7595 278159

Email –

Web – www.

LinkedIn -

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