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The Impact Sessions 44 - SME Businesses Need Access to Real Advice & Support

March 16, 2021

When “Customer Journey Expert” Nigel Greenwood set his mind to creating a brand new resource for SME businesses to access real time, valuable and valued information, he probably didn’t envisage the trials and tribulations of his own journey to come.

But, after developing prototypes, testing the concept and then the user experience, many times over, he is delighted to launch BuBul.

Join me on this episode of the Impact Sessions as we meet Nigel and discuss what BuBul is all about and what he has learnt about devising, designing and launching a brand new platform?

What has he learnt about himself and what are his ambitions for this new resource for the SME business community?

BuBul and Nigel recognise that starting or growing a thriving business is an exciting but demanding challenge. Every day brings crucial problems and questions such as:

• I'm not converting sales, what can I do?

• How can I find the right customers?

• How do I increase my profits?

• How can I retain more customers?

Getting the right business advice is vital to business success and BuBul does this by putting you in a virtual room with over 30 business experts who will give you the advice you need.

A really interesting podcast episode that takes you on a journey of focus & resilience as a genuine expert gets to share his passion for creating access to high quality business advice.

Feedback, as always is most welcome.

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