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The Impact Sessions 42 - From Toolbox to Boardroom - The Power of Positivity

March 1, 2021

Another Episode in our "Positivity in a Pandemic" Mini-Series.....

Steve Joyce, Managing Director of SES Engineering Services is an inspiration and my guest on this episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast.....

From Apprentice Electrician (a job his Mum put him forward for without his knowledge when he left school at 15) to Managing Director of a £180m+ national Mechanical & Electrical Engineering business, he has had quite the journey.

Loads of moves and promotions (you will have to listen or watch to find out how many), all on an upward trajectory and all backed by one common thread - POSITIVITY.

And this from a guy who didn't even know what an Electrician was or did until his first day at work....... 28 years later, and he knows his business inside out.

This is an inspirational story of opportunity, backing yourself and developing exceptional people and leadership skills along the way, with two very life changing moments thrown in too.

You will be hard pressed not to be inspired.

Why was 2015 so important to Steve?

If you think 2020 was a challenge - have a listen to see what Steve had to overcome - and why he remains so upbeat about 2021 and beyond?

You will really enjoy this episode - I guarantee.

Feedback, as always is most welcome.

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