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The Impact Sessions 30 - How Managing Your Goals Created Award-Winning Success & Growth

The Impact Sessions 30 - How Managing Your Goals Created Award-Winning Success & Growth

December 15, 2020

A first for The Impact Sessions, in that in this episode we interview two guests - at the same time.

Delighted to introduce Terry Mullen & Mark Llewellyn, Joint Managing Directors of Revive! Auto Innovations.

Together they run one of the UK's most successful, high-growth Franchise businesses, but share a host of content on this Podcast that is also relevant and transferable to non-Franchise businesses. Entitled - How Managing Your Goals Created Award-Winning Success & Growth, this is a truly inspiring story of audacious and ambitious goal-setting, a focus on communication, team engagement and of course, the ability to drive business success.

It hasn't all been plain sailing though, so sit back, have a watch or listen and be prepared to be inspired.

The lessons learned are great to see and hear as the business continues it's upwards trajectory, a trajectory that continues to be recognised with a host of prestigious awards too.

We really enjoyed recording this session (including a couple of audio interruptions from cats, phones and delivery drivers)!

Contact Information

Terry Mullen & Mark Llewellyn Joint Managing Directors

Revive! Auto Innovations

Tel - Terry +44 (0) 7771 525197

Tel - Mark +44 (0) 7967 695999

Email Terry -

Email Mark -

Web -

The Impact Sessions 29 - If You Have a Pension, Listen to or Watch This Podcast!

The Impact Sessions 29 - If You Have a Pension, Listen to or Watch This Podcast!

December 8, 2020

This is not a Financial Service Podcast - Read on or listen to see why.....

This week's guest is Jon Anderson, Head of Leeds Office & Director of Building Consultancy at Lambert Smith Hampton. Jon is a specialist in all things commercial property related and runs a team of specialists across a lot of disciplines in this particular area too.

So, if you have a pension, a traditional pension fund investment has always been investing in and around commercial property of some sort. Pension funds ride the ebbs and flows of commercial property trends and this affects YOUR investments.

They have always loved the sector.

On this episode, we explore trends in commercial property, the effect that COVID19 has had on the market, investor confidence and where the smart money is now going, or should be going?

We also explore the working from home phenomenon and the future of the High Street amongst many subjects.

Finally, Jon will offer some insights in what you might do if you have a property portfolio, you own a single office or retail space, or you are in a commercial property lease. A more positive outlook than you may anticipate, despite the tough times and the constant barrage of business failures, especially on the High Street.

Contact Details

Jon Anderson

Head of Leeds Office & Director of Building Consultancy

Lambert Smith Hampton

Tel - +44 (0) 7860 754073

Email -

Web -

The Impact Sessions 28 - Marketing Trends for 2021 - Online & Local Should You Do Both?

The Impact Sessions 28 - Marketing Trends for 2021 - Online & Local Should You Do Both?

December 1, 2020

This week's top guest, Jayne Graves, Managing Director of Encompass Marketing, is a high-performing Marketing Strategist who works with and supports ambitious, growth-hungry businesses as well as those looking for some strategic direction for their marketing activity.

I have known and worked with Jayne for over 20 years and she is always at the top of her game.

Very practical, down-to-earth and effective, Jayne marries marketing with sales and the customer experience to deliver results that positively impact on the financial performance of her wide range of client businesses.

Not "fluffy", not "vague" she starts with the ideal customer and builds a strategy that delivers genuine engagement, value and results.

Covering her journey from a very successful 1990''s Franchise Entrepreneur to the launch of Encompass Marketing in the early noughties, always with marketing as the golden thread for her success, we cover a lot of ground around trends, focus, activity, marketing options etc.

Well worth a watch or listen as you look at your 2021 (and hopefully post-COVID19 plans).

Contact Details

Jayne Graves, Managing Director Encompass Marketing

Tel - +44 (0) 7811 212874

Email -

Web -

The Impact Sessions 27 - Recruitment is Easy - There Are Loads of Candidates Around!

The Impact Sessions 27 - Recruitment is Easy - There Are Loads of Candidates Around!

November 16, 2020

Warning & Apology - Sound Quality Not to Usual Impact Sessions Podcast Quality

On this Impact Sessions Podcast, I discuss all things recruitment, people strategy and the commercial value of working with professionals with my guest, Charly Melia, Managing Director of Integrated Recruitment.

  • With so many candidates on the market, is there even a place for a recruitment business?
  • Where does doing it yourself stack up against engaging professional support?
  • How in tune is your “gut instinct” and what if it is “off”?
  • Why should recruitment and HR be more valued at the top table and what is the impact of not valuing either or both?
  • And what is the “one for the future” or “team of the future” all about, and should your business be adopting a similar approach?

This and more are discussed in a fascinating episode that any business owner or anyone responsible for recruitment or potential future recruitment should listen to or watch.

If your business has growth plans, don’t risk that growth without a proper, effective recruitment and people strategy.

Contact Details

Charly Melia, Managing Director Integrated Recruitment

Tel - +44 (0) 7423 105399

Email -

Web - 

The Impact Sessions 26 - Oh No, Not The “Pivot” Word

The Impact Sessions 26 - Oh No, Not The “Pivot” Word

November 7, 2020

This weeks guest is the irrepressible Deborah Carr, Business Owner at Total Spa Solutions and new business, Anada.

She shares her story of how the first UK lockdown in March decimated her core business, Total Spa Solutions - a B2B service that supported a fast-growing Spa client list with key staff to maximise revenues through maximising Spa Treatment availability.

Like many, her business suddenly stopped - overnight. And this is after a record-breaking start to 2020.

So what could Deborah do?

Well, she could have shut up shop, she could have taken a summer off, or she could have been another economic victim to the COVID19 pandemic.

But that is not in Deborah's nature as you will see or hear, so after a little reflection and a moment of inspiration on a dog walk, she decided to use her skills and the skills of her team and launch Anada.

Anada is a luxury "at home" Spa Experience which uses all of Deborah's B2B experience and converts that to a new, exceptional B2C brand.

The journey is great example of resilience, hard work and focus, lessons which despite the much over-used pivot word, will hopefully inspire you to make some positive decisions going forward.

This was a great session - fun, human and passionate. Enjoy

Contact Details

Deborah Carr

Business Owner Total Spa Solutions & Anada

Tel +44 (0) 7979 126603




The Impact Sessions 25 - Growing a New Business in a Global Pandemic

The Impact Sessions 25 - Growing a New Business in a Global Pandemic

November 3, 2020

Ella Mesma is the Business Owner of Business Yoga.

Having had an idea for a business that combines her passion for Yoga, Wellbeing and Wellness with meeting the challenge of businesses maintaining productivity, healthy teams and engagement whilst navigating these challenging times - Business Yoga was born.

Whilst the business was launched pre-COVID19, Ella's significant research had already identified the connection between a sedentary work environment and a variety of illnesses and ailments, some of which were leading to absenteeism, stress and lower productivity.

Her unique approach to short burst activity, much of which is non-intrusive, desk-based and high impact, but not requiring any previous skills, experience (or a need to change or shower), is changing the workplace for many.

If COVID19 means you work from home, have teams that work from home or you run events that get people together and you need a little stimulus or something different to get you all going, then Ella explains some really easy options and steps you can take to make a real difference.

During the current crisis, Ella has upskilled herself in many areas of business, from social media to web content and website development, all with the aim of adding genuine value to her clients and future clients. 

It is easy to be something of a "victim" in a global pandemic, but hopefully Ella's story will inspire you to keep doing the things that make a difference, and if nothing else, to look after yourself too.....

Ella Mesma Business Owner

Business Yoga

Tel +44 (0) 7886 273719

Email -

Web - www.,


The Impact Sessions 24 - The Characteristics of a Genuine Entrepreneur

The Impact Sessions 24 - The Characteristics of a Genuine Entrepreneur

July 6, 2020

On this episode, Salma Karolia shares her fascinating story.

How she set up, ran, significantly grew and then sold a successful Beauty Training Academy business over a period of years. She shares the journey from spotting a gap in the market to developing a business to exploit and develop in that gap.

Sometimes it was accidental, sometimes opportunist, sometimes by being in the right place at the right time.

What did Salma learn along the way, how she developed as a person and as a leader and what she would do differently if she did it all again?

Salma also shares the next phase of her journey, including why and how she got back into the beauty sector as a manufacturer of bespoke cosmetics, a packed market, but with another gap that an entrepreneur can see and target for growth.

Whatever your business, whatever your ambitions, this is a fascinating insight into the mindset and work-ethic of someone who has been there and done it, and is back to do it again....

Contact Details

Salma Karolia Managing Director - SK Cosmetics

Tel : +44 (0) 7850 930501

Email :

The Impact Sessions 23 - Academia & Business - Building Genuine Collaboration

The Impact Sessions 23 - Academia & Business - Building Genuine Collaboration

March 10, 2020

On this very thought-provoking episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast, University of Leeds PhD Student & Researcher, Pauline Oustric shares her passions, not only for academia, research and study, but also for networking and building effective relationships.

(She also has a passion for food but puts that down to simply being French)....

Pauline identifies the opportunities that exist for businesses to exploit the talent, networks and facilities that exist across the University environment, whilst also encouraging Universities to offer clearer routes to building genuinely collaborative partnerships.

How does academia actually work & operate?

What resources can they offer?

How can a business be more active in collaboration and partnership?

What impact could a Researcher, PhD or Post-Graduate Student have in your business?

How would you scope out a project?

Why might a high calibre Intern be a great option?

This is not an academic podcast but a genuine exploration of networking and collaboration with a genuinely passionate advocate of both. Pauline has even managed to collaborate with both the French and the US army in support of her own research into our relationship with food and the behaviours around this.

Going forward, Pauline harbours real ambitions to create a networking resource to harness the talent of academia for the benefit of the business community and the wider world.

Nothing in this podcast suggests that she will be anything other than hugely successful in achieving this ambition.

Released on Pauline’s birthday, we wish her Happy Birthday and hope the Podcast listeners really enjoy this one....

Contact Derails

Pauline Oustric

Researchers & PhD Student University of Leeds

Tel - +44 (0) 7377 712641

Email -

The Impact Sessions 22 - Angel Investment

The Impact Sessions 22 - Angel Investment

February 11, 2020

Businesses often need some financial impetus, but with so many options available, where can you look and what might be the right option for you?

Have you considered the distinct advantages of Angel Investment?

If not, is that due to a lack of understanding, a lack of knowledge of where to look, a lack of the right networks to leverage, or something else?

On this Impact Sessions Podcast, the excellent Martin Avison, Founder of angelgroups shares his wealth of knowledge and experience about the whole world of Angel investment.

How does it work?

What can it do for your business?

Why you might be a great fit?

What are the options available?

This and more is covered in this insightful episode.

Contact Details

Martin Avison

Founder Angel Groups

Tel - +44 (0) 7538 209478

Email - 

The Impact Sessions 21 - So What is Mental Health Awareness Actually About?

The Impact Sessions 21 - So What is Mental Health Awareness Actually About?

February 4, 2020

In this episode, Lorna Feeney, Head of Mental Health Risk at Marsh Risk Consultancy & Marsh & McLennan Companies explores the whole subject of health and well-being in the workplace.

Mental health awareness in particular is now mainstream, with the likes of Mental Health First Aid and a whole raft of other initiatives emerging to tackle this sensitive, and often confused area.

Here, Lorna Feeney shares some of her personal journey in a frank and honest interview but offers some really practical and useful advice to businesses in how to spot, manage and develop a positive culture of support and intervention to create a genuine health and well-being environment in your business.

This is a fantastically open, maybe even courageous interview that will have you all thinking about this subject.

Contact Details

Lorna Feeney

Head of Mental Health Risk at Marsh Risk Consultancy & Marsh & McLennan Companies

Email -

Website -

LinkedIn - 

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