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The Impact Sessions 48 - From Lightbulb (Literally) to Finished Product - The Journey of an Innovator

The Impact Sessions 48 - From Lightbulb (Literally) to Finished Product - The Journey of an Innovator

April 20, 2021

How does a Secondary School DT Teacher develop a product to reduce stress, improve wellbeing & wellness and create a calming influence for its users - all supporting the scientifically robust technique of “conscious breathing”?

On this episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast, we meet Michael Crinnion.  Working with Richard Hall and the team at Pd-m International in Thirsk, he has created Luma³.

Not only is Luma³ a beautifully designed, tactile piece of desk furniture, but it genuinely improves stress management and wellbeing for its users through a simple but effective light source that encourages calmness through conscious breathing.

  • No intrusive buzzing
  • No shaming reminders to do something - we know which Apps we mean
  • No commitment to reaching targets
  • Just a calming, soothing reminder to do some conscious breathing
  • Brilliantly simple, brilliantly effective
  • And it works.......

And YOU can even get involved.

Michael is launching a Kickstarter Funding Opportunity in early May (4th).  Do you want to invest in a product that has a very bright future - apologies for the awful pun!!!!

Full details of Luma³ can be found here -

Another great Impact Sessions Podcast episode that we hope you will enjoy. Feedback is always welcome....

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Michael Crinnion


Tel - +44 (0) 7936 739386

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Bonus - SES Engineering Services - 60th Birthday Celebration Podcast

Bonus - SES Engineering Services - 60th Birthday Celebration Podcast

April 19, 2021

One of IMPACTUS Group's longest-standing and most valued clients, SES Engineering Services is celebrating 60 years in business on Monday 19th April. 

That is a massive milestone and as part of the celebrations, we recorded this Special Edition Podcast.

We meet the longest serving man, Dave Stoughair - nearly 47 years service and still counting, the longest serving woman, Sarah Jones - who started way back in 1982, the Managing Director, Steve Joyce, himself no slouch in the longevity stakes with 27 years service and one of their very latest, and youngest recruits, Megan Bailey who only joined the business in October 2020.

This is a genuine, heartfelt, relaxed and humorous celebration of SES (and the world of work) through the ages in support of their 60th Birthday.

Whilst, as you may imagine, there are obviously a number of internal reference points that will only resonate with those involved in the business, there are a lot of interesting and fun exchanges that look at all sorts of areas and reminiscences that hopefully will be enjoyable to a wider audience.

Things like;

  • Drilling holes through concrete with hand-tools before power tools were common on site
  • The Boss calling at your house to tell you where to report to tomorrow - long before WhatsApp
  • The Post-Room, a long-extinct staple of the office environment, long before email took over
  • Carbon paper and the blue handed colleagues
  • Smoking in the workplace - what the hell was that all about?
  • Early faxes that just said "Hello" and yet still fascinated the recipients
  • Sharing one PC with dozens of colleagues - and learning how to switch it on
  • Massive mobile phones and even bigger battery packs
  • Interview suits
  • And much more......

We even give a shout out to the heinous Findus Crispy Pancake and the £100,000 Findus French Bread Pizza.

All of this is punctuated by a few "pop classics" (plus Maria Carey)!

Come on, you know you want to listen or watch!

It was great fun to record, full of great stories and a great insight into SES Engineering Services and also the wider workplace over at least the last 47 of those fabulous 60 years.

If you are of a certain age (or even at the start of your career), this will either give you a warm glow of reminiscence or make you incredulous at how people used to work.

As Megan says, she would "die without her mobile phone". She may well have died trying to carry a mobile phone battery pack the size of a small filing cabinet in the early 90's.

Hope you enjoy!

The Impact Sessions 47 - There’s More to Manufacturing Simple Products Than You May Think

The Impact Sessions 47 - There’s More to Manufacturing Simple Products Than You May Think

April 13, 2021

We could have called this week's episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast - "How to Run a Successful Manufacturing Business Without Setting Foot In The Premises for Over a Year"!

On this episode, we meet both Neil Matthews, Managing Director and Chris Shanks, Sales Manager of Irvine Springs, a high-performance springs manufacturer based, not surprisingly in Irvine in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Well, that's where the business (and Chris) is based, but Managing Director Neil is based in Redditch, in the West Midlands of England. That's over a 5 hour drive and 300 miles away......

Since the global pandemic hit, and since the UK has had an ever-changing set of restrictions, many of which differed between England & Scotland, it has simply not been possible for Neil to be on-site, so Chris has had to take on the local mantle - or has he?

Chris has also worked predominantly from home throughout the pandemic, and yet Irvine Springs has not only survived, but has come through and started 2021 in particular like a train.

Are there lessons here for others?

On another great Impact Sessions Podcast, we discuss, amongst other things;

  • How Irvine Springs developed a sales and marketing approach and action plan during tight restrictions that allowed them to come out fighting in 2021.
  • What being part of a bigger business group (Irvine Springs is an Indutrade business) has brought to the table in these challenging times?
  • Managing and leading remotely.
  • Creating a culture of trust and "can do".
  • Lessons learnt.
  • What the future holds for a UK Manufacturer and why embracing the likes of "Sustainability Development Goals" is a key to future success.
  • And much more......

This was the first Podcast that either Neil or Chris had recorded and they were great!

Give it a watch or listen for some inspiring content and conversation. Feedback as always is most welcome.

Contact Details

Neil Matthews, Managing Director, Irvine Springs

Tel - +44 (0) 7985 281706

Email - 

LinkedIn -


Chris Shanks, Sales Manager, Irvine Springs

Tel - +44 (0) 1294 279396

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Website - 

The Impact Sessions 46 - Why ANYONE Can & Should Be “Interesting” on Social Media

The Impact Sessions 46 - Why ANYONE Can & Should Be “Interesting” on Social Media

March 29, 2021

On this week's episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast we meet Lisa East, Managing Director of The Thinking Cap and we explore all things content.

From content creation to creating a content calendar and plan but particularly, how ANYONE can and should be able to be interesting on the right social media platforms.

We discuss how the global pandemic has changed the face of content, with more people having more time to create more, but is that necessarily a good thing?

Lisa shares some great tips on where to start if you are not sure, and some questions to ask yourself before just diving in.

We look at design v the written word - what works best and how to stop the social media "scroll" too.

Lisa also discusses lead generation using content and how to sustain growth if you have an opportunity to exploit.

Basically, if you run a business, are responsible for developing the profile of a business, or are just looking at ways to up your content "game" then give this excellent podcast a watch or listen.

Lisa really is at the top of her game.

Feedback, as always is most welcome.

Contact Details

Lisa East

Managing Director

The Thinking Cap

Tel - +44 (0) 7436 223688

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The Impact Sessions 45 - From Banking to (Dog) Biscuits & Much More

The Impact Sessions 45 - From Banking to (Dog) Biscuits & Much More

March 22, 2021

Why & How Does a High-Flying, City Banker Just Walk Away From a Career in The City of London & Start To Sell Pet Products in Huddersfield Instead - And All Before He Hit His Early 30's?

Join us on this week's episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast as we meet a very honest, open and forthright guest who did just that, (well he is from Yorkshire, so we expect those characteristics don't we), and all in the name of supporting his family, following his passion for his local economy whilst also protecting his own mental health and wellbeing into the bargain.

Simon Brown, is a Director at Sniffers Petcare a highly successful pet products business which has been established for over 40 years, selling high quality pet products, snacks etc to the trade.

The business has had steady growth over the years but Simon shares some exciting (and scary) big plans to grow again with a significant investment in a new warehouse facility underway to meet the needs of an ever-demanding and upwardly mobile customer base.

Dog ownership in the UK continues to rocket as working from home has allowed many to realise their dream of having a family pooch.  Growth in the number of dog owners looking for healthy snacks and quality food for their prized pets has also been significant, but the success of Sniffers Petcare isn't accidental or just about luck.

Whilst the Sniffers product range is wide, varied and top quality, innovation in product development over recent years has helped to meet modern, demanding dog ownership requirements for top class snacks and the business now sets trends rather than follows them. They are always looking to be ahead of the next curve.

Listen to Simon share his vision for how he helps to run the business, how he influences and understands the financials and how he makes MASSIVE decisions based on that level of financial certainty.  This really is a lesson in where entrepreneurship meets operational rigour and it makes a great Podcast episode.

We hope that you enjoy it , and don't forget, if you are buying your dog biscuits, treats and snacks from a retailer, ask them if they have Sniffiers Petcare on their shelves.....

Your dog will not be disappointed!

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Simon Brown Director, Sniffers Petcare

Tel +44 (0) 1484 538281

Tel +44 (0) 7463 760945

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The Impact Sessions 44 - SME Businesses Need Access to Real Advice & Support

The Impact Sessions 44 - SME Businesses Need Access to Real Advice & Support

March 16, 2021

When “Customer Journey Expert” Nigel Greenwood set his mind to creating a brand new resource for SME businesses to access real time, valuable and valued information, he probably didn’t envisage the trials and tribulations of his own journey to come.

But, after developing prototypes, testing the concept and then the user experience, many times over, he is delighted to launch BuBul.

Join me on this episode of the Impact Sessions as we meet Nigel and discuss what BuBul is all about and what he has learnt about devising, designing and launching a brand new platform?

What has he learnt about himself and what are his ambitions for this new resource for the SME business community?

BuBul and Nigel recognise that starting or growing a thriving business is an exciting but demanding challenge. Every day brings crucial problems and questions such as:

• I'm not converting sales, what can I do?

• How can I find the right customers?

• How do I increase my profits?

• How can I retain more customers?

Getting the right business advice is vital to business success and BuBul does this by putting you in a virtual room with over 30 business experts who will give you the advice you need.

A really interesting podcast episode that takes you on a journey of focus & resilience as a genuine expert gets to share his passion for creating access to high quality business advice.

Feedback, as always is most welcome.

Contact Details

Nigel Greenwood Customer Experience Consultant & BuBul Founder

Tel - +44 (0) 7545 569775

Email -

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The Impact Sessions 43 - From Lightbulb to Life Skills - A Young Enterprise Journey

The Impact Sessions 43 - From Lightbulb to Life Skills - A Young Enterprise Journey

March 8, 2021

Wow, we hope that this Impact Sessions Podcast Episode Will Blow You Away..... It certainly did us!

Former Podcast Guest, Paul Lillywhite contacted me and said he was working with an inspirational team who he felt would be great guests for the Podcast and a real value add to the Podcast library - How could I resist?

That they turned out to be a team of 6 x Lower 6th / Year 11 Students from St. Peter's School in York was the real surprise, but not once we had met and interviewed them.

It has been an absolute pleasure to see such passion, energy and focus of the team, a team who are a great credit to themselves, the school and their business - YES, THEIR BUSINESS!

The team are competing in a national Young Enterprise Competition, setting up and running a business over the course of 3 terms, with all of the required rigour, focus and structure you have to demonstrate as you would if you have to manage and run a business with in the "real world".

They chose a Social Enterprise Structure for the business, appointed a Board of Directors including Joint Managing Directors, a Sales Director, a Marketing Director, and a couple of Social Media stars, all supported by a cast of over 20 Students all playing other key roles.

It has been some journey - So what is the business?

During lockdown 1 in March 2020, one of the Students, Lucy had an idea for a simple cookbook to help her elderly Gran / Nan who had previously been diagnosed with Alzheimer's but wanted to still enjoy cooking with her husband and her Carer, (and hopefully Lucy after lockdown was lifted).

It was not an idea for a business at that stage, just something great she could do for her cherished Gran / Nan.

From that simple idea, "Caring Through Cooking - Bringing Generations Together" was born as THE idea that St. Peter's wanted to adopt as their business entry in the Young Enterprise Competition come September 2020.  From then to March 2021, the journey has been one of creativity, collaboration, communication and of course hard work.

It has been about researching, launching & published an excellent cookbook "Caring Through Cooking - Bringing Generations Together". Developing their sales & marketing strategies including an Instagram presence, a website and even a QR code backed series of cookery demonstrations to support the book and conducting market research and collaboration projects with the Alzheimer's Research UK to validate their products from a safety and accessibility perspective.

All whilst working and studying remotely for the vast majority of the time!

Watch or listen to this episode to see how the students have managed all of this and have a product range on the launchpad of success.

If you have experienced a relative with Alzheimer's or if you just want to help these excellent students to make a difference, their contact details, including where to buy the book or access their product range are included here.

A truly inspiring episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast, we hope that you will agree.

Contact Details

St. Peter's School Young Enterprise Team - Caring Through Cooking - Bringing Generations Together

Lead Teacher - Mr Dominic Shread

Email -

Website for Books - 

Instagram - caringthroughcooking 

The Impact Sessions 42 - From Toolbox to Boardroom - The Power of Positivity

The Impact Sessions 42 - From Toolbox to Boardroom - The Power of Positivity

March 1, 2021

Another Episode in our "Positivity in a Pandemic" Mini-Series.....

Steve Joyce, Managing Director of SES Engineering Services is an inspiration and my guest on this episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast.....

From Apprentice Electrician (a job his Mum put him forward for without his knowledge when he left school at 15) to Managing Director of a £180m+ national Mechanical & Electrical Engineering business, he has had quite the journey.

Loads of moves and promotions (you will have to listen or watch to find out how many), all on an upward trajectory and all backed by one common thread - POSITIVITY.

And this from a guy who didn't even know what an Electrician was or did until his first day at work....... 28 years later, and he knows his business inside out.

This is an inspirational story of opportunity, backing yourself and developing exceptional people and leadership skills along the way, with two very life changing moments thrown in too.

You will be hard pressed not to be inspired.

Why was 2015 so important to Steve?

If you think 2020 was a challenge - have a listen to see what Steve had to overcome - and why he remains so upbeat about 2021 and beyond?

You will really enjoy this episode - I guarantee.

Feedback, as always is most welcome.

Contact Details

Steve Joyce

Managing Director SES Engineering Services

Tel - 0191 258 6627

Email (PA) - Debbi Potts -

Website -

LinkedIn - 

The Impact Sessions 41 - Company Ambassador - Explain!

The Impact Sessions 41 - Company Ambassador - Explain!

February 22, 2021

Matthew Ord of LV Shipping & Transport has a great Job Title - Company Ambassador...... How cool is that, or is it?

How did it come about, what does it mean, what is the difference between that and other business development and senior level titles and what has been the impact of being a Company Ambassador in a large Shipping & Transport Business?

We explore the career path that got Matthew to here, how he embraces the role and how it opens doors to prospects, clients and collaboration partners alike.

More than just looking at a simple job title, we explore some really interesting perspectives on the economy, Brexit, local business relationships, networking and more....

Matthew is a really engaging guest and he plugs his knowledge and passion for the North East directly into this week's Impact Sessions Podcast - another great listen or watch.

Hope you enjoy it - feedback, as always, most welcome.....

Contact Details

Matthew Ord

Company Ambassador LV Shipping & Transport

Tel - 07467 953505

Email -

Web -

LinkedIn - 

The Impact Sessions 40 - Positivity in a Pandemic

The Impact Sessions 40 - Positivity in a Pandemic

February 15, 2021

This is a powerful, positive, upbeat Impact Sessions Podcast Episode featuring the excellent returning guest, Lorna Feeney - See Episode 21.

Lorna's previous episode is our most popular in the series to date, so we are looking for more of the same in terms of her popularity.

The pandemic is having a host of negative and potentially negative effects on people and businesses, but there is a lot of stuff going on that is much more positive, if you know where to look, what the signs are, or if you are prepared to think and act a little differently......

Lorna is a fantastic Mental Health Professional and on this episode, we have deliberately looked at some of those positive pandemic actions, activities and outcomes that are about positivity and pleasure - some of which will stay with us long after we return to some semblance of "normality".

A really upbeat discussion to hopefully inspire those that watch or listen to look for the little wins, find the things that you enjoy, embrace the "new normal" where it helps and to share with business owners and managers a few ideas to plan for a return to "normal" working at some stage.

Deliberately positive, (let others wallow in negativity), we hope that you enjoy this session and that it will make you think, make you smile, make you find a laugh or two and maybe even make you sing or dance. (As long as it doesn't inspire you to make the ubiquitous banana bread, we are all surely okay with that).

Lorna really is an inspiration - we are sure you will agree, but feedback, as always will be most welcome.

The link to the two comedy clips mentioned in the episode are here;

Peter Sellars -

Only Fools & Horses -


Contact Details

Lorna Feeney Head of Mental Health Risk at Marsh Advisory & Marsh McLennan Companies

Email –

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