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The Impact Sessions 48 - From Lightbulb (Literally) to Finished Product - The Journey of an Innovator

April 20, 2021

How does a Secondary School DT Teacher develop a product to reduce stress, improve wellbeing & wellness and create a calming influence for its users - all supporting the scientifically robust technique of “conscious breathing”?

On this episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast, we meet Michael Crinnion.  Working with Richard Hall and the team at Pd-m International in Thirsk, he has created Luma³.

Not only is Luma³ a beautifully designed, tactile piece of desk furniture, but it genuinely improves stress management and wellbeing for its users through a simple but effective light source that encourages calmness through conscious breathing.

  • No intrusive buzzing
  • No shaming reminders to do something - we know which Apps we mean
  • No commitment to reaching targets
  • Just a calming, soothing reminder to do some conscious breathing
  • Brilliantly simple, brilliantly effective
  • And it works.......

And YOU can even get involved.

Michael is launching a Kickstarter Funding Opportunity in early May (4th).  Do you want to invest in a product that has a very bright future - apologies for the awful pun!!!!

Full details of Luma³ can be found here -

Another great Impact Sessions Podcast episode that we hope you will enjoy. Feedback is always welcome....

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