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The Impact Sessions 54 - Okay, Throw Something Else at Me Why Don’t You…..

March 21, 2022

This is a Podcast steeped in great leadership, an unswerving focus on improving the customer experience and resilience of the highest order.  One not to be missed.

Derren Gittins is Managing Director at Verplas, a UK based business, managing all of the same challenges as many over recent years, such as supply chain, transport costs, raw materials availability, the ups and downs of the pandemic, and much more.

But that is only the half of it......

Having taken on the role in October 2020, travelling from the Midlands to the South Coast of England and staying over for 4 days a week to get things going, he quickly found that he had a big culture shift to implement if he was to be successful with his vision and ambitions for the business.

The starting point was not brilliant, but you have to start somewhere.

He was looking to build a successful, competitive business that truly put the customer at the heart of the experience, driving change through staff engagement and setting new standards across the team, all especially important in early challenging circumstances caused by the pandemic.

But culture takes time......

Then BANG, just as he is re-structuring his team, implementing improvements to IT, assessing and re-thinking the customer journey through the Investors in Customers programme, and still managing day-to-day pandemic challenges, another THUNDERBOLT hits.

We won't spoil the reveal, but it is safe to say that Derren must have felt like he had run over at least two or three black cats and broken several mirrors for him to be dealt the particular cards that came his way in 2021.

This is another inspiring podcast episode of leadership, resilience, trust in his team, focus, re-thinking EVERYTHING and getting the job done.

We challenge you not to be inspired by Derren's sheer force of nature and drive to succeed in the face of genuine adversity.

Have a listen or watch and as ever, feedback is always welcome.

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