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The Impact Sessions 50 - Let’s Celebrate Our 50th Podcast With a Beer…….

May 5, 2021

The Impact Sessions Podcast Reaches a Milestone Today - Our 50th Episode......

Thanks to all of my previous excellent guests, those that are regular and supportive subscribers, getting their fix every Tuesday and also to the occasional listener or viewer. Your collective support is, and remains most welcome and appreciated.

So, to celebrate our special episode, what better way to do it than with a beer - or more accurately, by meeting a legend in the world of brewing in Yorkshire - Kate Balchin, Director of Sales, Marketing & Export at Wold Top Brewery.

Wold Top was one of the first, most successful (and popular) breweries that was spawned out of farming diversification just after the turn of the millennium. On this celebratory episode, we discuss areas such as;

  • How & why brewing came about at Wold Top Farm?
  • Why the natural resources at the Farm made this something of a no-brainer decision?
  • Growing from a micro-brewery servicing local hostelries to a brand beloved in places like Italy.
  • Scaling up and diversifying into a bottle-led future - helping the business during the COVID crisis.
  • Choosing names for the beers - is it scientific or something else, and who chooses?
  • Surprisingly quick production - from raw ingredients to the cask, keg or bottle
  • The future of Wold Top as a destination & hospitality venue in its own right.
  • And more........

Why not get a bottle of Wold Gold, Wold Top Bitter, Scarborough Fair IPA, Helo Velo, Headland Red or even a Marmalade Porter, sit back, crack the bottle open and listen or watch this special episode of The Impact Sessions Podcast - Wold Top beers are available in many local supermarkets, Farm Shops, Restaurants, many Yorkshire pubs (on draft) or from the Wold Top website - details below.....

You will not be disappointed. You do not grow to be a successful brewery in a very competitive market if you don't brew excellent beers!

Also, if you like a Beer Festival, why not check out the Wold Top Big Sky Beer Festival at the end of August - 

Enjoy this episode and thanks Kate for being a brilliant guest for this 50th Podcast Special.

Contact Details

Kate Balchin, Director of Sales, Marketing & Export

Wold Top Brewery

Tel +44 (0) 1723 892222

Email - 

Website -

LinkedIn -


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