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The Impact Sessions 56 - Changing Your Life, One Jar of Jam or Chutney at a Time…..

April 5, 2022

After taking redundancy in the early days of the pandemic and lockdown 1, what could our guest this week, Martin Bennett conceivably do to put food on his table - quite literally.

This is a REET good episode of the Impact Sessions Podcast in which we meet Martin Bennett, Managing Director of Reet Yorkshire Food, a relatively new business building a strong brand, presence and following in the jams, chutneys and pickles market.

But this is not just an episode for foodies, it has some great business lessons in here too.

Martin shares how and why he set up the business, the thinking behind the name and brand, his vision for the business, how his many years in food manufacturing operations has allowed him to grow the brand and business and how he has overcome any number of challenges to stand on the edge of significant growth as we enter Q2 2022.

He also discusses scaling up, keeping his products simple, but well packaged, building a following on various markets around the region - and much more.....

Martin might describe himself as a "typical" Yorkshireman - straight forward, direct, plain-spoken and uncomplicated. So how do these traits serve him as he goes through his product and brand development journey?

He has some reet good tales to tell and they are all in this episode. One not to be missed......

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